So I have been thinking of a birthday outfit to make for my little princess that won’t be stressful and still look cute on her, so i decided to make a no sew tutu skirt for her.

You do not need a sewing machine nor needle and thread to make this tutu, yea, you read that right.

Materials needed to make a No Sew Tutu Skirt:

  • Net (any preferred color of choice)
  • A Thick back book
  • Scissors
  • Weaved hair band or ribbon

materials needed for no sew tutu

To make a full tutu for my princess, I used 3 yards of net.

Step 1
Cut strips of net 6″ by your desired (length * 2) ( I wanted 9″ length, I cut 6″ by 18″)

Step 2
Wrap the hair band or ribbon round the thick-back book
Wrap the hair band

Step 3
Take one strip of net and fold it in half, using your index finger fix the folded strip through one of the holes in the second line( that is if you are using a weaved band)
fold te strip in half

Step 4
Gently pull up the folded strip of net until it forms a circle that can allow the easy passage of the thumb and any finger that you are comfortable with.
fixing the strip in to the band

Step 5
Using your thumb and any finger that you feel comfortable with, gently pull out the two strips of net through the circle that you formed in step 4.
fixing the strip in to the band 2

Step 6
Gently pull it until it is a bit tight. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for the rest of the strips. When you are done with the second line of holes, continue with the third.
how to make no sew tutu

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