Happy weekend friends, in this post, I will be showing you how how to gather a fabric. Gathering is commonly used in clothing to manage fullness. It is often found when a band is attached to a skirt or a skirt is attached to bodice, when a full sleeve is attached to the armhole of a shirt. You can gather your fabric using a needle and thread or using a sewing machine. Follow the steps below to learn how to gather your fabric…

Using a Sewing Machine

Step 1

Set the sewing machine on the longest stitch ( Check the picture below to do that)

Thumb Screw Loosen the thumb screw of the stitch regulating limiting plate and lower it down in the semicircle groove of the stitch regulating plate

Stitch Regulator

Move down the Stitch regulator( the lower the stitch Regulator, the longer the stitch), hen you are okay with the length of the stitch, raise the thumb Screw until it meets with the Stitch Regulator then tighten it.

Step 2

Sew a straight stitch till you get to the end of your fabric

straight stitch

Step 3

When you get to the end of the fabric ithout getting off your fabric (drop your needle into your fabric), raise your presser foot and turn your fabric, lower your fabric and sew one stitch.

presser foot

Step 4

Raise your presser foot again and turn your fabric, lower the presser foot and sew a straight stitch (this straight stitch should be parallel to the other straight stitch)

straight stitch 2

Step 5

When you get to the end, lift the needle up and raise the presser foot, pull your fabric off the sewing machine and cut the thread with a scissors(leave a thread tail about 6″ long before cutting the remaining off)

Thread Tail

Step 6

Sort out the bobbin thread from the needle thread(The bobbin thread is the one under the fabric and the needle thread is the one on top

sort out

Step 7

Gently pull the two bobbin threads together (make sure you pull the two bobbin threads at the same time), gently push the gathers to the other side as you pull.


…and you have your gathered fabric…

gathered fabric

Using Needle and Thread

Step 1

Fix a thread to a needle and knot it

Knotted thread

Step 2

Sew a straight stitch

Straight needle stitch

Step 3

Pull the thread and you have a gathered fabric

needle gathered fabric…and this is how to gather a fabric.

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