Step 1

Cut one or two long strips of your fabric that is at least twice or more longer than your neckline. I used 56” for the width and 9 inches for the length


Step 2

Sew the long strips together ( if you are using only one strip, just hem the longer  edges)

joined strips

Step 3

Sew the shorter edges together( your strip will now form a circle)

joined strips 2

Step 4

Gather your fabric until you end up with the correct length that you need for your buba(top).


Step 5

Attach the ruffle to you top (The wrong side of your top and the wrong side of your ruffle should be on the surface), hold the edge of your ruffle and the edge of your top with a pin.

attaching the ruffle

Step 6

Sew the edges together (Remove the pins as you sew)

For the Iro(wrapper), measure out the fabric that you need and hem the four edges( I used 2yards of fabric that is 43″ long). You can attach a rope to Iro if you want.

hemming wrapper or Iro

Ta da!!! Your Iro and buba is ready.

Iro and buba style 2




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