Yay! Dh just bought a new butterfly sewing machine for me, I have been planning to get one since October. As a beginner in sewing, I was told to get the manual butterfly sewing machine instead of the electric sewing machine. According to them the electric sewing machine will be too fast for me (I don’t know how true it is).
One good thing about this sewing machine is that one can use it manually or with electricity (with the help of its motor). I bought the motor at the price of 1500naira. I prefer using it with the motor than manually.
Now I can enter fully into the world of sewing, I hope you will be glad to join me.
sewing machine 1
It has three drawers, two drawers at the sides and one at the center

sewing machine 2
It came with these accessories:
1. Oil
2. Fives Bobbins
3. 10 Needles
4. 2 Felt Washers
5. Large Screw Driver and Small Screw Driver
6. User Manual

butterfly sewing machine motorThe motor and the foot pedal

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